Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Post #4: Life is dynamic and fluid. A hiatus that's overdue.

I just purchased a brand new 1TB hard drive from LaCIE that will be storing most of my precious pictures and media for future posts.  I've been taking up portrait-taking in photo more seriously and so I'm glad that I can finally backup some serious data.  Also as of late, I have been cooking a lot more at home.  Most notably, I'm focusing a lot more on a consistent protein regimen with lowered carbohydrate intake.  Even though it's in my blood to eat rice :), I've parted with partaking in consuming this wonderful grain too much.

It's been a while since the last post but I have a couple ideas that will be long due for multiple exposés.  

Some subjects of note:
  • Korean Traditional food
  • The spice store at Findlay Market: Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice
  • Nightlife for a Local Musician
  • Training in Mixed Martial Arts
  • Ravi Shanker and a philosophy of love and peace
  • More Music! Open Mic at the Southgate House.
Korean Traditional Food

 With the onset of new appreciation for the food of my heritage, I've been trying to categorize the main components of Korean cuisine into a few categories.  The main ones that I've tackled so far are:
  • Ji-gae, soup & stews
  • Ban-chan, side dishes
  • Bokum, stir fry
I will surely delve into more of this in the near future.  It also helps that I recently became great friends with Regina and Renata Walton (Twin sisters born and raised in Korea).  We've been cooking more together and they have been really showing me the ropes on more dynamic Korean cooking with even some Chinese and Japanese influence.  Regina is in works to get her culinary certificate very soon (so keep your eyes peeled for her being head chef at your local restaurant hot spot!) and Renata is specializing in baking.

He Who Controls the Spice, Controls the Universe...

 Of course I could go on and on and on and on about the amazing value that Findlay Market has to the city of Cincinnati.  But the one store that I've really grown to love is the spice shop located in the indoor market.  From citrus salt to tamarind paste blocks, Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice definitely has fulfilled my needs for spices.  And the wonderful thing about this store is that all the spices are affordable and you can get just the right amount of spice that you need at a time.  No worries, no more spending $40 or more on three or four spices at the supermarket!

Stay peeled for more extrapolation on my recent endeavors!